Free APIs for Your Next CakePHP Project

You’re one curl request away from your next great project idea. When hacking together a project you don’t want to get bogged down in the details like validating emails. You want to get started on the actual fun part! Whether that’s serving up random jokes of the day or starting your own blog these free API aggregators can help you get past all the details, and even provide you with some of the core functionality!

Github Public APIs

This is my favorite place to look for APIs! They have APIs for everything from anime to personality assessment. I have a few upcoming projects that will utilize these APIs that I think y’all will really like. Let’s look at some of the available APIs.


  • Traitify
    • Assess, collect and analyze Personality.
  • AniList
    • Anime discovery & tracking
  • DialogFlow
    • Natural Language Processing

There’s a whole section on machine learning, so if you want to send every keystroke your user enters to a stranger’s server you can! Although it’s nice to have a table of contents could we have a searchable list? You may not be able to do that with Github’s READMEs, but the next list can!

API List has a huge collection of APIs, even some not free ones. I know it sucks to pay for things when you just want to get something done, but it is fun to scroll through for inspiration! Let’s see some examples off of the free list.


  • Qrcode Monkey
    • Integrate custom and unique looking QR codes into your system or workflow. This API is perfect for creating thousands of high quality QR codes in png or svg vector format.
  • The Cocktail Db
    • A free API to query a db of 1000s of cocktails, you can search for recipes, images of specific cocktails, ingredients, filter by alcoholic, non alcoholic and more with the Cocktails DB.
  • Api Meme
    • Generate memes with a simple link!

I personally think they could expand their free list, but sometimes seeing the paid version of an API can help you find a free version that still solves your problem with fewer bells and whistles. This next API aggregator is all free APIs!

Public APIs is the best-designed API site on this list! It has a featured section, search bar, and nice-looking iconography for each API. Web design aside, does it have good APIs? Let’s see some of my favorites.


  • iTunes Search
    • The Search API allows you to place search fields in your website to search for content within the iTunes Store and Apple Books Store. You can search for a variety of content; including books, movies, podcasts, music, music videos, audiobooks, and TV shows.
  • Apify
    • Crawl arbitrary websites, extract structured data from them and export it to formats such as Excel, CSV or JSON. Automate manual workflows and processes on the web, such as filling in forms or uploading files. Let robots do the grunt work.
  • UI Faces
    • Dummy avatar photos and names provided in filterable JSON format. We offer a JSON API which you can use to filter and embed avatars in your application.

I spend a lot of time on GitHub, so the flat style of Public APIs table of contents speaks to me, but this is a classically well-designed website!

What do you think of this list of resources? I always love lists of free stuff because I’m broke, so I thought y’all might like it too!

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