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The Best CakeFest Talks, So Far

Every year CakePHP hosts an event called CakeFest where all the coolest cake creators gather to talk about their creations. When I began my journey with CakePHP I found the archived talks incredibly useful for catching me up to speed with the finer points. I did not include some of the older CakeFests, as I consider anything before CakePHP 3 to be pretty outdated at this point. Unfortunately, the next CakeFest won’t happen again for another few months, but in the meantime, I’ve compiled a list of all the most helpful talks given!

CakeFest 2020

This was the first virtual CakeFest, and the first CakeFest I ever attended. Although there aren’t any videos in the archives for this CakeFest yet, I found the slides to be very informative!

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Dependency Injection in CakePHP


Mark Story, a lead developer for CakePHP, gives a talk about dependency injection in CakePHP. He goes through what dependency injection is, why it might be useful, and how to use them in CakePHP.

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Fixture Factories


Pro-tip, press ‘s’ for the speaker view to get notes.

These slides and the original presentation probably saved me a cumulative week of writing awful tests for my applications, so I am certainly a little biased. Do yourself a favor, and start using Fixtures today!

CakeFest 2019

Although I didn’t attend CakeFest 2019 I have spent a fair amount of time honing my skills by reading and re-reading archived slides. Below are the talks I found useful when learning the ways of the Cake master.

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12 Factor App


This talk is an excellent introduction to how to use the 12-factor pattern to make your CakePHP apps more scalable. If you have aspirations of creating enterprise-level CakePHP software, then this is an excellent place to start.

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TDD in CakePHP 4.0


Test-Driven Development is a crucial, and often overlooked, development process that can help developers write cleaner code. In this talk, we take a look at what TDD is, why we use it, and how to use it in CakePHP 4.

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WebSockets and CakePHP


This talk a good introduction to what WebSockets are, and how to use them to build real-time applications. While the slides themselves don’t hold much code they provide a good starting point for using WebSockets with CakePHP. These slides are best supplemented with the video on WebSockets below!

CakeFest 2017

CakeFest 2017 is going to be your go-to for interesting Cake talks! There are plenty of interesting topics, and they all have videos up on YouTube now!

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Building for a Million Transactions Per Hour


This is one of the more interesting talks I’ve heard given on PHP, let alone on CakePHP! This is a must-watch for anyone with big aspirations for their little slice of Cake.

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CakePHP and Docker


Docker is quickly becoming the default for many developers looking to containerize their code. If you don’t already know Docker I highly recommend you get familiar fast!

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Progressive Web Apps For CakePHP Developers


Progressive Web Apps bring a native experience to devices of all shapes and sizes. Whereas in the web of yore there were scalable mobile-friendly websites we now have the capability to create browser mobile apps!

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Realtime PHP Using WebSockets


As mentioned above this is a good addition to learning WebSockets and how to use them with CakePHP. WebSockets is a new and interesting technology that you can utilize to make your applications feel even more responsive!


Did I miss your favorite CakeFest talk? Let me know in the comments! Also please subscribe to the blog! I write new tutorials every Tuesday and more open-ended pieces like this one on Thursdays. Hope to see you again soon!