Top 5 CakePHP plugins

CakePHP has a large collection of plugins available to solve common problems like soft delete behavior, rating systems, and email queueing. You can find the list of all the best CakePHP plugins here or here! For now I’ll introduce you to my 5 favorite plugins.

1. Audit Stash

Your new favorite plug-n-play audit log

With this plugin tracking changes to your models is done automatically. So now you don’t have to restore your whole database to revert your blog title. I personally used this plugin to track changes for employee goals in a HR SMART goal setting software.

2. Email Queue

If you’re planning to send lots of emails, you’ll need a queue

Email Queue allows you to store emails to be sent later. This way if 2 or 3 people try and sign up for your weekly newsletter at the same time your 2012 instance of SE linux won’t cause your aging hackathon swag bags to burn and take your house with them 🚒 I learned about email queues the hard way when I was first creating web apps. My app was hilariously slow, and my server fan’s were keeping me up all night, but after some googling I was able to practically fix this problem overnight! And what a beautiful, and sleep filled night it was.

3. Debug Kit

A simple all-in-one debug kit

This plugin should be installed by default. It allows you to see the variables passed into your view, loading time, session data, and all sorts of stuff you might otherwise have to use a debugger for. If you’re like me and still use the occasional, and guilty, echo for figuring out which variable is holding what value then this plugin will save you plenty of time… and embarrassment.

4. CakePHP Ratings

Why reinvent the wheel?

There are a number of problems where it makes more sense to string together multiple different solutions from different sources in order to save time. Rating systems are a simple, yet potentially time wasting problem you could try and solve, but why do that when there’s a plugin for it. Sure it’s simple, but it works!

5. CakePHP Excel

Excel manipulation made easy

Well, as easy as excel manipulation can be anyways. If you ever find yourself in the position to try and clean up your former middle school’s excel ‘database’ containing seemingly unstructured, and random strings of sensitive data do everyone a favor and just delete it. If, on the other hand, you want to actually take an excel file as input, process it like you would any entity, and look like a pro then this is the plugin you’ve been looking for.

What do you think of the list? Did I forget any, completely miss the point of email queue’s, or otherwise mess something up? Let me know in the comments!

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