Top Posts of 2020

How’s your year been? I’ve had a great year, besides the whole virus. Staying inside all day for months on end does have some upsides though, for example, I started this blog! Did you make any cool stuff during quarantine? I didn’t. Here’s the best of the posts I did this year!

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4. CakePHP Voice Search, Select, and Synthesis

This was one of my first posts that got some traction, and it was fun to make! I think this little-known feature of browsers can be used for some interesting things.

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3. CakePHP on Windows with WSL

This post was born of my frustration with the lack of straight forward tutorials about how to set things up with WSL. I’ve been using WSL since before WSL 2 came out, so I’ll have to update this guide for WSL 2 when I actually update my own system.

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2. CakePHP Real-Time Search With AJAX

The real-time search was an oft-requested feature at my work that I couldn’t quite figure out till I took a deeper dive into Cake’s internals. There I found the view cells! This post taught me a bit more about CakePHP and solved my searching needs.

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1. Stream Video with CakePHP pt. 1

My first popular post! I basically just stole some code from GitHub for streaming video and slapped it in a CakePHP application, but it works! 😅 I do intend to release a part 2 this year that will show my ongoing interest in video streaming. WebRTC reimplementations of Zoom exist in spades, but it might be fun to make one without the use of convenient libraries.

Thanks for dealing with my temporary hiatus! Posts every Thursday and Tuesday! Finishing the tutorial Thursday btw.

What kinds of things do you want to see out of this blog in the upcoming year? Let me know in the comments below!