Upcoming Trends for CakePHP Developers

Keeping up with trends in development is important for a long-lasting career, but with hot new JavaScript frameworks being released every few days what’s a developer TODO? Different technologies matter to different careers but there are some new names online that every CakePHP developer should know.


With PHP 8 being released today, Thanksgiving for those who celebrate, there’s no better time to learn all the new features! Here a selection of my favorite new features.

JIT (Just in Time)

PHP 7’s huge jump in speed is due to the partial implementation of JIT compilation so now that PHP 8 is integrating a full JIT compiler we should see another increase in performance!

Union Types

This new quality of life update helps remove some of the uncertainty accompanying the dynamically typed nature of PHP. With Union Types you can assign two or more types that will indicate that either type can be used for the given value.

Static Return Types

If you are familiar with Java or other object-oriented programming languages you may have used the static type before but this is not the same thing as a static method! This static refers to static binding, you can read about the full debrief on PHP RFC.

PHP 8 brings about many exciting new changes and I look forward to what the PHP development community does with them. Let’s look at a technology that could save you money on servers!

Serverless PHP (Bref)

The idea of serverless applications is not new, but now it has a brand new tool going by the name of Bref! Serverless applications are not actually without a server, rather they use cloud servers to provide backend services on an as-used basis. This means that you won’t pay for server time where your code isn’t being executed! Bref currently only supports Laravel and Symfony but if you’re willing to do some leg work you can save tons of money on your CakePHP application and look really good to your bosses!

CakePHP 5

How could I possibly make a list of trends for CakePHP developers and not include CakePHP 5! That’s right folks, I know it seems like CakePHP 4 was just released but CakePHP waits for no man. If you have any features you would like to see in CakePHP 5 you should take this survey. You can check out some of the ideas already in the works here.


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See you next week, and happy Thanksgiving! 🦃😋